16 year old Indian girl aiming to climb Mt. Everest

16 year old Indian girl aiming to climb Mt. Everest

15 Jul 2022
16 year old Indian girl aiming to climb Mt. Everest

April 11, 2018

Mount Everest soars almost five and a half miles into the sky and reigns as the tallest mountain in the world. Embarking on an expedition to Mount Everest can be the pinnacle of a climbing career and 16-year-old Shivangi Pathak is on the way to the base camp as a part of her endeavor to become the youngest Indian woman to scale Everest.

The teenager from Hisar in Haryana will begin her climb to the summit in mid-May, officials told PTI.

“Shivangi is already in Khumbu, the gateway to Mount Everest, after obtaining a climbing permit from the Department of Tourism,” said Pemba Sherpa, General Manager at Seven Summit Treks.

Ms. Pathak, along with a team of climbers, had arrived here last week to begin her adventurous journey to Mt Everest, according to the Seven Summit Treks, the organizer of the expedition.

“I am here to fulfill my childhood dream. I have my only mission to conquer every mountain on this beautiful planet,” said Ms. Pathak, who will turn 17 in three months.

She draws inspiration from Arunima Sinha, the first Indian amputee to climb Mt Everest, and wants to set an example that women can overcome all obstacles in life.

She has her parents’ full support and also has completed her basic and advanced mountaineering courses at Jawahar Institute of Mountains and has also participated in different high-altitude training in Kashmiri glaciers.

Born on 10 July 2001 Shivangi, who climbed Stok Kangri 6,153m peak in Ladak will be the youngest from North India to conquer the world's highest if she succeeds. According to the database, only 10 ascents were made to the summit of Everest by 9 males and 1 female at an age of 16.